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Kelsi Rupersburg

Organization spotlight: Oxfam America at ONU

Sep 13, 2014 - Comments: 0
Margo Roseum, founder of Oxfam America at ONU, follows Oxfam America’s Grow Method for sustainable living by shopping at the Bluffton Farmers’ Market.  (photo/Northern Review, Kelsi Rupersburg)

Oxfam America at ONU focuses on creating lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustices in the Ada, Kenton and Hardin County communities. The organization is seeking new members. 

Organization spotlight: Student Senate

Aug 31, 2014 - Comments: 0
The many faces of ONU's student government. (photo/ONU Student Senate)

Student Senate, Ohio Northern's student government organization, oversees all campus organizations by collecting rosters and delegating funds, acts as a liaison between students and the administration and hears students' opinions on many aspects of student life. 

Housing Lottery Tips

Mar 26, 2014

The 2014-2015 Ohio Northern Housing Lottery is right around the corner. In order to be eligible to participate in the ONU Housing Lottery, students must complete a housing agreement and emergency contact information online through the MyHousing area of Self Service Banner. 

Mortar Board initiation

Feb 26, 2014

The Aurora chapter of Mortar Board at Ohio Northern University welcomed 50 new initiates on Thursday, Feb. 20 in the English Chapel. Mortar Board, a national honorary society for college seniors, was founded on the ideals of superior scholastic ability, outstanding and continual leadership and dedicated service to the college or university community. Each year, Mortar Board initiates are "tapped" into the society by outgoing members, typically in front of the new members' peers during class. This year's tapping occurred on Feb. 10.


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