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Brittany Newton

Why you should attend Baccalaureate this weekend

May 04, 2016 - Comments: 0

With graduation quickly approaching, you should add Baccalaureate to your schedule. 

The importance of voting

May 03, 2016 - Comments: 0

In the 2012 election, more than 42 percent of Americans chose not to vote. This needs to change. 

The Gospel Ensemble shines in 29th annual concert

Apr 08, 2016 - Comments: 0
The Gospel Ensemble filled the McIntosh Ballroom with uplifting music on Sunday, April 3. (photo/ONU Communications & Marketing)

The ONU Gospel Ensemble performed with the Toledo Youth Choir and the Philippian Missionary Baptist Church choir on Sunday, April 3 during the annual spring concert.

The 5UP Talent Show brings audience together for many surprises

Feb 15, 2016 - Comments: 0

Not many students can say they went through grade school without attending the infamous talent show. Whether they participated in the event and showed off their hidden talents or they cheered their friends on from the crowd, talent shows are the most familiar way students know to show off their talent in front of an audience.

On February 9, the 5UP Talent Show surprised the audience with the amount of hidden talent from undiscovered Ohio Northern University students.


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