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Karlyn Kares #2 - Safety on campus

Nov 15, 2018 - Comments: 0
Safety precautions are put into place to help keep students safe and comfortable on campus (photo/file)

Being on college campuses, like Ohio Northern’s, can give students a false sense of safety when being surrounded by their peers. Students don’t realize everything they can implement to keep safe and knowledgeable throughout their years on campus.

I’m going to share my top five tips on how to keep aware and safe on campus. While these are tips for Ohio Northern’s campus, they can be used anywhere at anytime.

#1 - Always lock you doors

New safety council implemented

Sep 13, 2014 - Comments: 0
One of the several emergency contact posts located throughout the ONU campus.  (Photo  by Northern Review/Nick Pesetsky)

This year, Ohio Northern University has established the Student Behavioral Intervention Team (SBI) in order to ensure the safety and welfare of the university community.

The SBI is a multidisciplinary committee created under the guidance of the Office of Student Affairs. The organization is headed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Adrianne Thompson. Other members are drawn from across campus from bodies such as the offices of Academic Affairs, Residence Life, Student Health Services and others.

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