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4 Years of Memories, 30 Years to Forget, 1 Weekend to Remember

Oct 12, 2017 - Comments: 0

Homecoming, a time when alumni travel back to polar bear country and reflect on the old times. To help them remember their “college days” several alumni even revisit their favorite spot on campus, allowing them to reminisce what was and what currently is.

Lorrie “Campbell” Bianco was an alumnus from the class of 1987, who was celebrating her 30 years out of college. Although many of her classmates that she personally knew were not able to make it back for Homecoming, it didn’t stop Bianco from reflecting back on the memories that were made 30 years ago.

Homecoming unites students and alumni in 'Polar Bear State of Mind'

Oct 23, 2016 - Comments: 0
Saturday's Homecoming game resulted in the Polar Bears defeating Muskingum University 44-3. (Northern Review photo/Shane Tilton)

Saturday's Homecoming game united current ONU students with alumni. The weekend featured a parade and tailgating events. 

No more student-l? Then simply update Google Groups!

Apr 04, 2016 - Comments: 0
Google Groups are a simple way to organize emails.  (photo/

ONU students have received many emails this March, right?  Along with receiving many emails, the student-l has been discontinued.  Personally, I have been neutral, yet bitter at the fact there is no longer a student-l.  With the student-l, I was able to have all the campus mail organized into one email.  I liked the emails organized that way. Without email organization, I would probably be receiving nearly a dozen advertising emails per day.   When I check my inbox every day, it stresses me out seeing all those emails I have to go through.  

English Department welcomes alumni for Fall Reading Series

Nov 17, 2015 - Comments: 0
Jessica Cogar reading her poetry. Northern Review photo/Grace Huff

Ohio Northern University's English Department welcomed back alumni members Ryan Alvanos, Jessica Cogar, and Khaty Xiong for the final event in the department's Fall Reading Series. Cogar and Xiong read poetry while Alvanos performed music.


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