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Social clown scare has made me more aware

Oct 09, 2016 - Comments: 0
Clown sightings have spread across the country. (photo/

One Ohio Northern University student discusses the sociology behind the national clown sightings. 

Is the election over yet?

Oct 09, 2016 - Comments: 0
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go after each other in the first presidential debate. (photo/

One Ohio Northern University student shares her opinion and insight on the 2016 presidential election.

Lochte's lies lead to second chances

Sep 23, 2016 - Comments: 0

I remember watching the 2016 Summer Olympic events and the tingling feelings of anxiety and joy while my tears streamed down my face as the USA men’s swimming team broke records and won gold medal after gold medal. 

Lochte. Bentz. Conger. Feigen.

Why everyone should study abroad

Sep 16, 2016 - Comments: 0

A piece on the advantages to studying abroad in college.


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