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Polar Pals program getting students more internationally involved on campus

Nov 03, 2015 - Comments: 0
Polar Pal attendees work on their Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls at the "Sugar and Spice" event on Friday, Oct. 30. (Northern Review photo/Khadijah Bagais)

ONU's Polar Pal mentorship program, which started three years ago, aims to pair established ONU students with new international students to provide them with a friend on campus. The program has undergone many changes during its short lifetime, especially this year. International Service Coordinator Omega Hollies discusses the changes in programming.

'Beans & Rice' initiative aims to teach students how to make international cuisine

Oct 16, 2015 - Comments: 0
Brazilian students Leticia Matanovich and Filipe Mendes make pizza dough as part of Beans & Rice's Pizza session. (Northern Review photo/Khadijah Bagais)

When international students leave their native countries and come to the United States, one of the first shocks they endure has to do with the foods available to them, especially when it comes to dining services. In an attempt to help international (and domestic) students on campus with these food issues, International Student Services came up with the idea of the “Beans & Rice” initiative.

Annual Multicultural Fair spreads culture, food, diversity

Apr 13, 2015 - Comments: 0
Attendees walk through the aisles to see the different booths at the 2015 annual Multicultural Fair. (Northern Review photo/Khadijah Bagais)

On April 10 ONU's World Student Organization hosted their annual Multicultural Fair in the McIntosh Activities room and Ballroom. The event boasted 15 booths and six performances, with a wide range of cultures represented. There was a lot of food, international music, photo booths, and overall cultural sharing. 

'No, I'm not a terrorist' - Muslim speaker addresses stereotypes through humor, facts

Mar 13, 2015 - Comments: 0
Speaker Zohra Sarwari talks about what Islam really is and why the religion should not be equated with terrorism. (Northern Review photo/Khadijah Bagais).

The Office of Multicultural Development hosted speaker Zohra Sarwari on Wed., Mar. 11 in the McIntosh Ballroom. The event, titled "No, I'm not a terrorist," sought to address misconceptions, media biases, and the real facts behind what terrorism really is through the use of humor, personal stories, and data. Over 150 people attended the event. 


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