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Attending multicultural events: A vital experience

Apr 09, 2014

The weather isn't the only thing changing this time of year. 

Several of your fellow ONU students sacrificed several hours of a Saturday morning to work on improving and passing the torch to the new officers of the multicultural organizations. 

The "'Executive Retreat"' was held by the Department of Multicultural Development to ensure that everyone involved has a good sense of where their organizations are going next school year, and how they are going to get there. 

And you are a big part of that. 

No need to #PolarBearUp; Spring has arrived

Apr 02, 2014

Even though the first official day of spring was March 20, those of us at ONU haven't gotten to experience spring until just recently.  There are many universal signs of spring that are enjoyed by everyone regardless of location; however some signs of spring are uniquely intrinsic to experiencing the season here at ONU.

1. Now that the weather is getting warm you may be fortunate enough to have class outside. Some professors will oblige to the request of students to hold class under a nice shade tree or sitting at a group of picnic tables.

On-campus things to do in the spring

Mar 26, 2014

It's officially spring, though Mother Nature has evidently missed the memo.  As the sunny days increase and the weather warms, cramped dorm residents will start crawling out of their winter dens.  

Luckily, there are a number of outdoor activities available on campus to help students stretch their legs.  The following are excellent ways to enjoy a spring day without having to drive anywhere.

Housing Lottery Tips

Mar 26, 2014

The 2014-2015 Ohio Northern Housing Lottery is right around the corner. In order to be eligible to participate in the ONU Housing Lottery, students must complete a housing agreement and emergency contact information online through the MyHousing area of Self Service Banner. 


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