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What's a Sochi?

Feb 05, 2014

When the Olympic Games start this weekend, very few people will be able to show you where Sochi, Russia is on a map. Not only is it important for the athletes competing there to know a little something about the place, but it is important for viewers and fans as well. Sochi has placed itself on the world map with these Olympics and hopes to put on a good show for a worldwide audience, starting Feb. 7. 

Super Bowl XLVIII preview

Jan 29, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII will kick off at 6:30 p.m. at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. and looks to be one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. The Denver Broncos bring the NFL’s best passing attack while the Seattle Seahawks boast arguably the best pass defense in the league. Neither team was a surprise to make it this far; both were heavy favorites in the preseason and each team earned the No. 1 seed in their respective conferences for the playoffs. 

Is a cold Super Bowl a good thing?

Jan 29, 2014
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MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. is not indoors. The Super Bowl is held in February. This does not make for a pleasurable outdoor football game, that is with good weather.

In the spirit of fair play, you would want a game without the elements to give both teams an equal chance to run their offense and win the game their own way. With this year's edition being outdoors, it plays a huge role is decreasing a team like the Broncos' chances of effectively running their passing attack.

NBA mid-season report

Jan 22, 2014

After a thrilling few months of professional basketball, and only a few weeks until the All-Star break, teams are about halfway through their 82-game regular season schedule. Here are some of the things that have stood out in the first 40-plus games this year:


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