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Zach Woods

Student Senate Presidential Debate recap

Jan 28, 2015 - Comments: 0
(graphic/Student Senate).

Monday, Jan. 26 was the annual Student Senate Presidential Debate. The two parties running this year are Gina Grandillo/ Zach Woods and Jaired Birks/ John Hartman. Gina is a junior Political Science major. Zach is a P4. Jaired is a senior Music Performance major. John is a junior Engineering Education major.

Peep Population Pulverized

Apr 15, 2014

Now, I am not a big fan of Peeps. I do not like how they taste. I do not like how their beady eyes follow me around a room. I do not like the weird color they stain your hands and mouth as the sugary sandpaper of a coating comes off. I do not like it when they are disguised by chocolate or playfully placed on easter cookie trays. 

All that being said, I cannot stand by and watch our school mutilate Peeps for the pure enjoyment of NOM milkshakes. Someone has to take a stand against these murders. 

More themed living gets out of hand

Apr 02, 2014

For those of you who live under a rock you may not have noticed that there is a new housing option for ONU students named FLARE. FLARE is advertised as a new living learning community focused on exercising and healthy living - with my strict diet of Oreos and exercise goals of stretching for the remote, I was instantly ineligible. However, this new trend that our school is displaying is certainly interesting to me.

What it means to be Polar Bear Strong

Feb 26, 2014

I dislike quite a few things about our school.

Honestly. There are some qualities of Ohio Northern that make me furious: murderous swans, how our school chooses to polish sidewalks instead of clear them and the fact the C-Store gets bleaker and emptier each time I visit it. 

I hate Pharmacy majors when they are studying, and therefore I hate myself just about 98% of the time. It drives me crazy when I eat chicken for more than one dinner at Mac a week, or when all of the printers seem to be broken. 


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