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A main focal point on campus

Oct 29, 2016 - Comments: 0
The pond in front of Lakeview and University Terrace apartments is a focal point for many campus photographs. (photo/Anna Gurevich)

Photo courtesy of sophomore pharmacy student Anna Gurevich. 

A different view of campus

Oct 23, 2016 - Comments: 0
A panorama picture of the engineering, science and pharmacy buildings on Ohio Northern University's campus. (photo/Abdulaziz Alfarhan)

Photo courtesy of senior computer engineering student Abdulaziz Alfarhan. 

Johnny Appleseed Park

Oct 21, 2016 - Comments: 0
A morning view of Johnny Appleseed Park in Lima, Ohio. (Northern Review photo/Jennifer Evans)

Photo courtesy of senior professional writing student Jennifer Evans. 


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